Updated: 30.04.2017 14:59:37

Year: 2004

Location: United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

Model: L6 BL

Resonator Type: 3500 Co2 Laser
Beam Wave Length: 10.6
Beam Power Range: 350-3500 W cw
Beam mode: Low order TEM
Table Size: (2) 60" x 120"
X Travel: 120"
Y Travel: 60"
Cutting Head: Autofocus cutting head with quick change lens cassette
Focal Length: 5" or 7.5"
Distance to Material Sensing: Capacitive (non-contacting)
Adjustment of cutting gas pressure: via CNC
Max Sheet Size: 3074mm x 1565mm
Max Sheet Thickness: 20mm
Max Sheet weght: 800kg
Min Sheet size: 650mm x 400mm
Min Sheet thickness: 0.5mm
Max Sheet thickness for double sheet protection:3mm
Min air pressure: 6bar
Max traversing speed X: 1068 m/s
Max traversing speed Y: 0.240 m/s

Complete With

Finn Power Siemens 840D CNC Control
LU 3000 Night Train FMS Automatic Sheet Load Unload System
CS 10 Tier Sheet Storage Tower
Positioning Table, Unloading Tables