Year: 2007

Location: 4581 S. Lapeer Rd Suite G, Orion Township, MI 48359, United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

Max. Rated Output: 4000 Watt
Table Size: 60" X 120"
X-Axis Travel: 120"
Y-Axis Travel: 61"
Z-Axis Travel: 24" (Linear)
Resonator: Convergent Lasers CP4000

Rotating Axes

A Axis: 360 Deg Continuous
B Axis: +/- 135 deg Respect to the vertical

Performance Characterstics

Max Velocity of Linear Axes XYZ: 3937 IPM
Max Velocity of Linear Axes XYZ Combined:5905 IPM

Max Velocity of Of Rotating Axes AB: 540 deg/S
Rotating Axes AB Acceleration: 60 rad/sec2

Linear Axes Resolution: 0.001mm
Pa* (Axes XYZ): 0.03mm
Ps* (Axes XYZ): 0.03mm
Pa* (Axes AB): 0.015deg (w/software Comp)
Ps* (Axes AB): 0,005deg

* Pa, Ps: in accordance with the standard VDI/DGQ 3441

Current Electrical Arrangement: 480/3/60/75 AMP

Equipped With

Convergent Lasers: CP4000
Domino Laser Beam focusing Head
6' x 10' (2) Pallet Changer
Primach 20L 5 Axis CNC Control
Teach Pendant For 3D Parts

Approximate Dimensions: 306"(LR) X 135"(FB) X 135"(H)
Approximate Weight: 26,455 Lbs.