FINN-POWER F6 (used)


Updated: 11.05.2016 14:57:04

Year: 2000

Location: United States

Machine state: used

Product Description

Punching force: 300 KN
Punching Stroke: Hydraulic
Stroke depth adjustment: Numerically adjustable
Stroke length adjustment: Programmable
Ram speed adjustment: Programmable
Number of turret stations: 20
Tools: NOVA
Max. Punch diameter: 89 mm

CNC index tool
Number of index tools stations: 8 Pcs (max 10 pieces)
Max. Punch diameter 3.5"
Max. Tool rotation: 58 R/Min
Upward forming cylinder (option)
Force 250 IN
Stroke 47"
Max. Material thickness: .314"
Max. Sheet weight: 440 lbs.
Clamps pneumatic: 2 Pcs
Max. sheet size (X x Y): 60" x 80"
X Traverse: 82"
Y Traverse: 62"
Max. Axis speed (X): 3464 IPM
Max. Axis speed (Y): 2362 IPM
Max. Traversing speed: 4173 IPM
Max. Hit speed
.03937" between holes 900 1/Min
1" between holes 430 1/Min
10" between holes 150 1/Min
*Punching accuracy according to LKP71000
Hole location deviation (X/Y Axes) Max.: .004"
Hole-to-hole distance deviation (X/Y Axes) Max.: +/- .002"
Angular deviation (CNC index tool) Max.: +/- .004"
*Positioning Accuracy according to VDI/DGQ 3441
Positional deviation Pa (X/Y Axes): +/- .0015"
Positional scatter Ps (X/Y Axes): +/- .0008"
Turret rotation: 30 RPM
Tool change time: 1 per 3 Sec
Work chute, max. part size: 9.8" (6.9 x 6.9)

CNC control specifications:
Model: Siemens 840 D
Program memory: 1000KB
Special interface: RS232C/V 24

Laser Specifications:
Model: Rofin-Sinar 2.5 KW Triagon
High pressure gas assist: 375 psi (25 Bar)
Cold rolled steel: 0.314"
Aluminum: 0.236"
Stainless steel: 0.314"

*High-pressure cutting with a Triagon 2.5kW CO2 laser from Rofin-Sinar with

375 psi (25 Bar) assist gas pressure maximum. Higher pressures allow for

cutting materials such as stainless steel and aluminum with optimum speed and

edge quality.
*The oil-free design of the pumps and turbines eliminates expensive and time-

consuming repairs.
*Excellent energy consumption is realized by the laser in comparison with

other RF-excited lasers. The cost savings can be up to 40 percent.
*Integration of the laser and the punch is accomplished with the part piece

flowing from the turret punch press to the laser without the release of the

clamps. The flow of material is from the load side to the unload side,

eliminating the time-consuming method of loading and unloading from the same


Equipped with:
Brush table
eight (8) auto-index stations
2500 watt Rofin Sinar resonator
Programmable clamp settings (PCS)
Upforming option
Wheel tool capable
Forming height: up to 0.63" total height
Automatic load/unload system