FINN-POWER FS 25 (used)


Updated: 27.09.2019 15:23:52

Machine state: used

Product Description

Finn Power FS-25 SB CNC Turret Punch Press Year of Mfg: 1999 CNC Control: Siemens Sinumerik 840D Punching Force:30 Tons Punch Stroke: Hydraulic Stroke Depth Adjustment: Numerically Adjustable Stroke Length Adjustment: Programmable Ram Speed Adjustment: Programmable Numer of Turret Stations: 20 Pieces, Thick Turret, Supra PAE, Nova, Thin Turret, Fabricating Max. Punch Diameter: 3.5" CNC Index Tool: Number of Index Tool Stations: Max. 10 Pieces Max. Tool Rotation: 58 r/min Upward Forming Cylinder: Force: 250 kN Max. Material Thickness: .315" Max. Sheet Weight: 440 lbs. Max. Sheet Size: 99.6" x 50" Travels: X Axis: 101.73" Y Axis: 51.85" Rapid Traverse: X Axis: 3,149 ipm Y Axis: 2,362 ipm Hit Speeds Max: .039" between holes: 900 hits per min .98" between holes: 400 hits per min 9.84" between holes: 150 hits per min Turret Rotation: 30 r/min Work Chute Max. Part Size: 6.89" x 6.89" Overall Dimensions: 212" L x 220" W x 98" H Overall Weight: 27,000 lbs. Equipped With: Brush Table RS 232 Port Floppy Drives