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Product Description

Video available upon request 2500 watt 20 ton Finn Power LPE-5 Combi. CNC Laser / Turret Punch (2004) Tonnage 20 T # Turret Stations 20 Wattage 2,500 W Control CNC (Siemens) 20 Ton press cap. 20 Station turret, 2,500 watt laser Finn-Power CNC. Turret punch rated capacity: 20 Tons Number of turret stations: 20 Maximum punch diameter: 3.5" Maximum material thickness (Punch): 0.31" (Steel, Stainless steel, Aluminum) Minimum material thickness: 0.019" Maximum sheet weight: 441 Pounds Punch hit rate on 9.84" centers: 140 HPM Max Sheet Size: 99.6" X 49.9" Punch Stroke: Electric Punch hit rate on 0.984" centers: 310 HPM Nibbling hit rate: 480 HPM Laser rated capacity: 2,500 Watts Laser resonator system: Beam Power Range: 250-2500 CNC Type: Finn-Power Currently under power: Yes Chiller Assortment of tool holders Operating Manuals